The ACRF Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection is a multi-disciplinary research centre that conducts basic and clinical research into methods for detecting lung cancer at the earliest possible stage.

 The Centre aims to conduct research to improve outcomes for people with and at risk of lung cancer, including;

  1. Better ways to ways to screen for lung cancer
  2. Improved diagnostic methods for diagnosing suspected lung cancer
  3. Optimal ways to translate scientific discoveries to the clinic and bedside.

Over the next five years, the Centre, in conjunction with The University of Queensland Thoracic Research Centre at The Prince Charles Hospital, will undertake a range of research studies including:

  • Improved methods of early screening for lung cancer  using Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT)
  • Identifying biomarkers for lung cancer  that can be found in:
    • in exhaled breath;
    • blood,
    • lung fluids

Addressing a critical need

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of death from any cancer worldwide, for both men and women, and accounts for 18.8 per cent of all cancer deaths, or nearly 1 in 5. In 2012 one in every 16 Australians could expect to develop lung cancer by the age of 85, with an overall life expectancy that was the lowest of all cancers, at approximately 14% (AIHW, 2013). Figures like this lead to a significant burden on the Australian healthcare system and people impacted by this disease.

The low survival rate is due primarily to lung cancer being typically diagnosed at an advanced stage, when a nodule can be detected on the lung, which is also when curative treatments may no longer be possible.

Research suggests that to improve health outcomes and survival rates for this significant Australian chronic disease, IT MUST BE DETECTED EARLY in the disease process, an achievement that is very difficult with current diagnostic methods.

The ACRF Centre for Lung Cancer Early Detection is closely aligned with The University of Queensland Thoracic Research Centre (UQTRC) and is able to draw on the following resources: